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Once, before the fey were driven past the veil and magic faded from memory, there was a land that has since been called by many names, but was then simply known as Albion

Overflowing with wealth, its trees had bark of gold, and leaves of glittering emerald. The mountains were solid iron, and the ground was rich and yielded plentiful crops. The water was pure and crystal clear, and the air clean and fresh. In Albion, there was no suffering.

But then humans, in their ships crafted from the flesh of dead trees, with their sharp instruments for killing and the noble horses and other animals they had so wretchedly enslaved, set foot on Albion's perfect shores. They saw the riches the land had to offer, and drove the faerie peoples out of their homeland, slaughtering them wherever they were found. The humans culled the population of giants, killing them off until only a few, who had taken refuge in the mountains, were left. 

With their demonic magic, the humans ravaged the land, taking more than they needed. They stripped the gold and emeralds from the trees, and tore the mountains apart for their precious iron. They tilled the fertile land, but brought with them disease and pests. The humans took Albion, and all that it stood for, and made it perfectly ordinary. 

Now, Albion is a treacherous place. Rogue remnants of fey magic has collected in places of power, making them unpredictable and deadly. Yet those places are also the most unexplored, and the last haven for the wealth of Albion past. 

In the depths of Lake Chiss, a dark evil devours adventurers whole. Deep beneath the dwarven city of Duhm-Durahl, in the Durahl-Guhr mines, mysterious noises echo through the tunnels. To the west, just on the edge of the Corozo Salt Flats, stands the foreboding Wisdom Tower, a strangely fleshy spire that seems to loom taller every year. Past the Whispering Forest, to the east, lies the ancient Tower of En, said to be the home of the last sorcerer and practitioner of faerie magics. 

Those looking for fame and fortune now venture into the deep, dark dungeons that supposedly hold the final faerie riches. Wealthy benefactors pay well for magical items retrieved from the ruins, and dark cults vie for control of powerful artifacts found within. 

Meanwhile, in the mountains, giants have been slowly growing their numbers, biding their time until the moment is ripe for them to enact their revenge.

Main Page

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